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Good Companions

Good Companions

Alice, the celebrity dog.<br/><br/>Image is from The Crowsnest Magazine, October 1950.Over the years, there have been some wonderful stories and images of mascots and animal companions who became closely identified with ships and the crews they befriended.

Many of these tales are featured in the Creature Comforts article on our website. Good Companions, however, is devoted to some very special characters whose stories merit extra attention.

Percy was a groundhog notable for his adventurous and amusing escapades while mascot of, possibly, HMCS ASSINIBOINE.

O.D. (Ordinary Dog) Alice became very popular with the media during her reign as mascot of HMCS CAYUGA during the Korean conflict. The sheer volume of information about Alice, and endearing photos of that were shared with Canadians by the press, made a compelling reason for Alice to have her very own page.

Tim Ryley's parrot was acquired by him in Nicaragua when HMS SHEARWATER was on a southern patrol there in 1908. The antics of the much-loved bird were chronicled in Tim's journal of the voyage.