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Crew Photos

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Click here for the complete list of Crew Photos.  Email CFB Esquimalt Naval and Military Museum staff for assistance - - if you would like to obtain a copy of a crew photo,

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For photos on DVD -

$10 for a single photo on disk
$5 for each additional photo on the same disk. If there's not enough space on one disk for all the photos you request, you pay the cost of an extra disk(s), @ $5 per.

$15 for a single photo on disk
$5 for each additional photo on the same disk. If there's not enough space on one diskfor all the photos you request, you pay the cost of an extra disk(s), @ $5 per.

Please note that most photo files are too large to send electronically as attachments. However, it may be possible to arrange electronic transfer with staff.

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Crew Photos

HMCS GALIANO's crew in 1914.

CFB Esquimalt Naval and Military Museum's collection includes a large number of crew photos. We're very conscious of what an important resource these photos are, and we want to share them. 

That's why the Museum has undertaken an extensive project to scan ships' crew photos. The goal is to make these photos widely available.  

Perhaps one of your family members appears in these pictures. You may be researching your family's history and don't have a photo of a family member who served in Her (or His) Majesty's Canadian ships.

Or you may be seeking photos from your own career in the Navy, photos of yourself and crewmates that will bring back many memories. Crew of HMCS UGANDA.

We provide a complete listing here of the crew photos already scanned. This list will grow as new photos become available.