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The history of Canada's Navy & Military on Canada's west coast

Introduction to the Archives

Introduction to the Archives

Members of the Fisherman's Reserve (also called the Gumboot Navy) in training, 1940. <br>Photo Catalogue No. VR998.458.04 from the museum collection.Esquimalt Naval and Military Museum Archives maintains a growing collection that serves as a useful resource for researchers and the general public.

The final issue of The Tiddley Times - Dec. 1945

      We have available:

~ 17,000+ digitized images in the museum database;
~ key publications, including the Naval List, and the first Crowsnest and Crow's Nest magazines;
~ the 
Women's Royal Canadian Naval Service wartime newsletter The Tiddley Times;
files on Canadian naval vessels;
news cuttings and official ship histories;
~ biographies of leading figures in the Canadian Navy;
~ information about the history and development of what is now Canadian Forces Base Esquimalt;
~ maps and charts;
~ ship plans;
~ plans for historic buildings at Work Point and CFB Esquimalt;
~ official seamanship and naval trades training manuals;
~ historical documents;
~ diaries and personal journals.

If you have photos, periodicals, personal documents or other items that pertain to the west coast defences, the Navy on the west coast, the CWAC or the WRCNS, please contact the museum. The museum is always seeking more documentation to be included in its library and archive.

Detail of a plan showing the south elevation of the former Officers Mess and Quarters at Work Point barracks in Esquimalt BC. The building has since been removed from its original site.