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The history of Canada's Navy & Military on Canada's west coast

Museum Tours

Guided Tours - Fees

There is a $75 standard fee for guided tours, and a discounted fee of $50 for tours for seniors.

Please note that the museum can negotiate reduced fees for tours, or waive fees entirely for groups and organizations with limited funds. 

In October and November of each year, tours for school and educational groups are FREE. Teachers interested in bringing their students here to learn are encouraged to view our listing on the BC Field Trips site.

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Museum Tours

Museum volunteer guide Paul O'Reilly with a seniors' tour group from Victoria and Esquimalt.The museum coordinates guided and self-guided tours of our exhibits and displays. We welcome tour requests from visiting groups. Museum staff will work with your group to tailor a tour that suits your needs.

We strongly encourage visits from schools, youth groups and organizations which provide educational opportunities for young people (for example cadet groups).

We also support tours for senior citizens, veterans and newcomers to Victoria.

Retired Captain (Navy) Cecil Baker shares the museum with visiting Admiral Jean-Yves Forcier.With the assistance of a small group of dedicated and knowledgeable volunteers who act as guides, tours are also provided to Fleet School students and other personnel who undergo leadership training or take part in courses at CFB Esquimalt.

These tours are designed to enhance the students' knowledge of the history of the Navy and Army on the west coast of Canada. They're also intended to build morale, and contribute to a sense of pride in all that the these organizations have achieved.