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The history of Canada's Navy & Military on Canada's west coast

Museum Exhibits and Displays

Museum Exhibits and Displays

Our newest gallery honours Canadian service in submarines.Battle of the Atlantic gallery.Through new permanent and temporary displays and exhibits, CFB Esquimalt& Naval and Military Museum seeks to increase understanding and awareness of the contribution made by the Navy and Army on the west coast - to Canada, to our community, and to the wider world. The museum exhibits are constantly being updated, changed and improved to better serve this goal.

Recent permanent exhibits have focused on the Royal Canadian Navy and Merchant Navy's role in winning the Battle of the Atlantic, and the 100+ year history of Canadian service in submarines.

We have also hosted or created temporary exhibits that focus on the service of the Military Police, celebrate the contributions and achievements of First Nations people, and honour the commitment to country of a Canadian family whose members have served in the Armed Forces for three generations.

Upcoming permanent and temporary exhibits planned for the museum in 2015 include a 75th anniversary tribute to the Military Police, a display about the Canadian Forces Ammunition Depot at Rocky Point, and a permanent display on the Fleet Diving Unit (FDU). We also plan to further enhance the museum's existing fallout shelter display to include the Royal Canadian Navy's ships and technology in the Cold War era.

In addition, the museum is redesigning its introductory gallery, which deals with early explorers' interest in Esquimalt as a strategic base, and the establishment of a naval presence on Vancouver Island. Work on the gallery should be complete by spring 2015.

Creature Comforts - a display about ships' cats, mascots and animal companions.

Cold War bomb shelter display.

Canada's naval aviation service.

Mess deck display.

Canadian Women's Army Corps (CWAC).