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Waving farewell to HMS Amphion, leaving Esquimalt BC.

Please note

Serving Military personnel are exempt from research fees and additional charges, but must pay for photo reprints, copying and scanning as required.

Please also note that research charges can be waived in certain circumstances, for example in the case of veterans or seniors on limited budgets, or where it would present undue hardship to family members seeking information about the service careers of relatives.


HMCS RAINBOWCFB Esquimalt Naval and Military Museum staff can assist with research enquiries and access to our archives. The museum is a good resource for original images of Royal Canadian Navy ships, personnel and buildings. Over 17,000 photos from our collection have been scanned into the museum's photo database to date. That number continues to grow as we work towards our goal of having the entire collection available in electronic format for easy search and reference. 

In addition, the museum's collection from the late FDH Nelson, former Base Historian, includes information about Fort Macaulay/Work Point, and the Army's presence there, in particular the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry (PPCLI), and the Queen's Own Rifles (QOR).

Our archives also offer access to thousands of documents, including histories of Canadian naval vessels, ship plans, biographies of important leaders in the Royal Canadian Navy, and copies of the Navy ListCrow's Nest magazines and other useful publications that serve to document the navy's history and development.


All research requests are conducted at staff members' discretion, and as staff time permits.  

Research appointments are strongly encouraged.

To set up an appointment, get in touch with museum staff.



RESEARCH SERVICES - Schedule of Charges



First half-hour of consultation with staff on research enquiries is FREE. Minimum fee of $25 per hour applies thereafter. A $25 advance deposit is required for all detailed research requests.

$25/hr. incl. GST

Self-directed research

There is a $10 per hour fee for conducting self-directed research on site. Please note that books from our research library cannot be removed from the museum premises; however, photocopying and other assistance is available from staff.

 $10/hr. incl. GST

Photo database search

There is a $25 per hour fee to search for museum photos. 

There is a $20 per image fee for retrieving and rescanning original photos from the museum archives. A permission form must also be completed for use of museum images in publications and other projects.

 $25/hr. incl.GST

$20 per image incl. GST


  • 50 cents per page, single-sided, letter 
  • 60 cents per page, single-sided, legal 
  • 75 cents per page, double-sided, letter 
  • $1 per page, double-sided, legal 
  • $1.50 per page, single-sided, tabloid 
  • $2.00 per page, double-sided, tabloid    

GST is included