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Crow's Nest Magazines

The ORIGINAL Crow's Nest magazine

These are the original Crow's Nest magazine issues, available here for you in PDF format -

Volume 1 Number 09 - March 1943

Volume 1 Number 11 - May 1943

Volume 1 Number 12 - June 1943

Designing Dalison

Commander John Stanley Dalison designed the front cover of the first Crowsnest when it came out in November 1948, and did the artwork for many of the issues that followed. He also created the stylized headings for the different news sections of the magazine. At the time, he was the Executive Assistant to the Senior Naval Liaison Officer (UK) in Ottawa. 

Dalison, an artist of international reputation, was a member of the Society of Marine Artists. He died in a car accident on October 8, 1949, near Renfrew, Ontario. He was 47.

One of John Dalison's early drawings for The Crowsnest, the RCN's magazine.

Crow's Nest Magazines

"Sailor" Joe Crow featured in the Crowsnest magazine.Confusingly, in the Royal Canadian Navy's history, there have been three separate publications named for the crow's nest lookout position aboard a ship. 

The first of these like-named publications was the Crow's Nest, founded in July 1942. The Crow's Nest was published every month by HMCS CORNWALLIS "by kind permission of Captain J.C.I. Edwards, RCN". 

Printed by the Truro Printing & Publishing Company Limited, the Crow's Nest was a news-packed read in thrilling times, and a strong chronicle of the Royal Canadian Navy's wartime activities.

Copies of The Crow's Nest are provided here in PDF format for the enjoyment of our web site visitors/researchers. 

The later Crowsnest was a Canadian Navy magazine that is the ancestor of the current RCN magazine of the same name -

Back issues of this informative and newsy publication, dating from 1948 to 1965, are provided at the following link, and can be dowloaded in PDF format -