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Artifact Donations

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Artifact Donations

This historic 1914 photo of HMCS RAINBOW's crew is just one of thousands the museum preserves and shares through its photo database and scanning projects.

CFB Esquimalt Naval and Military Museum holds a growing collection of files on Canadian naval vessels, biographies of leading figures in the establishment of Canada's Navy, information about the history and development of what is now Canadian Forces Base Esquimalt, maps and charts, historical documents, and thousands of photographs which have been digitally scanned.

All this information is available for the interested visitor.



The museum is always looking for more documentation that can be included in its library and archive. We also seek artifacts that relate to the history of the Navy and Army on the west coast of Canada.

We are particularly interested in obtaining photographs for addition to the museum's growing photo database.

If you have photos, periodicals, personal documents or other items pertaining to the West Coast defences, the Royal Canadian Navy, the Canadian Women's Army Corps or the Women's Royal Canadian Naval Service, please contact the museum.


The Museum’s collection includes:

~ 40,000 artifacts
~ Close to 35,000 photographs, including thousands of photos of naval vessels
~ Art works, including unique paintings by naval artists 
~ Personal papers, letters and journals
~ Ship plans

How do I donate an artifact to the Museum?

CFB Esquimalt Naval and Military Museum is happy to consider donations of objects, photographs, and archival materials that help us tell the story. It is through the generous support of donors that we have been able to build and preserve a very significant collection of artifacts.

We are careful about adding to the collection. We want to make sure that everything collected by the museum is significant and relevant to our mandate.

If you own an item that you believe fits these guidelines and would like to share it with the future, CFB Esquimalt Naval and Military Museum would like to hear from you.


Museum staff can't accept donations that are brought to the Museum without an appointment.


To ensure that we are able to properly consider your proposed donation, please include in your email or letter the following information about you and your item(s):

~ Your name, address and phone number

~ A brief description of the item(s) - please attach a digital photo or include a printed copy if possible

~ All available information on the item's history, including:
                    - the approximate age of the item
                    - where it came from
                    - how it came to be in your care

~ Any other information about the history of the item or related material (including stories you think should be included, so we know the item's significance. For example, did the item belong to a family member who served in the Royal Canadian Navy? )

*** Please note that if you would like to donate photos, all subjects of the photographs must be identified. ***