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The history of Canada's Navy & Military on Canada's west coast

School Visits and Tours

Field trip testimonial #1

My class thoroughly enjoyed everything about your museum. 

Such a treat for my students! They learned so much about our navy, and army.

I'll be bringing more of my classes to your museum - and soon.


Field trip testimonial #2

Excellent connection to the BC curriculum. Bravo!

School Visits and Tours

Teachers interested in bringing their students here to learn are encouraged to view our listing on the BC Field Trips site.

We can work with your curriculum to provide students with a relevant and thought-provoking learning experience.

Guided tours for school groups are offered free of charge in October and November, as part of our Remembrance Day programming.

Let us know if you would like to arrange a tour for your students/school. 

Resources for schools

To enhance school visits to the museum, CFB Esquimalt Naval and Military Museum currently offers a quiz for elementary level students. The quiz combines text with photos and images to better serve students who are visual learners, and is available in PDF format here for download (English language version only): 

Museum quiz for elementary school students


We have also created a series of more advanced quizzes for older students, covering general knowledge questions, the Korean and Cold Wars, and WWI/WWII.  The first of these quizzes appears below, in English. A French language version of this quiz is being added shortly, and the two additional quizzes relating to the Korean War/Cold War and WWI/WWII will also be featured soon. (Teachers requiring answer sheets for these quizzes are asked to contact the Museum's Webmaster, Clare Sharpe, at -

General Knowledge Quiz - English 

The response from students and teachers to these quizzes has been positive, and more and more school tour groups are taking advantage of the opportunity to use CFB Esquimalt Naval and Military Museum as a resource.